7 Tips to getting a Soulmate in a Ski Resort this Valentines Season


The month of February is a very spectacular one. Guess why ? It is not just a season that falls within the winter but it is a month where you get to meet your potential soulmate. Are you tired of visiting ski resorts without a better half ? Are you tired of hugging your pillow during this cold winter month?

Here are 7 tips on finding a soulmate in any ski resort you may visit:

  1. Pick a Ski Resort

If you can’t make up your mind concerning a place to visit this February, i have some suggestions. You could visit the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in British Columbia. You could also venture farther and head to Lutsen Mountains in Minnesota. Just look for a resort that fits your preference.

  1. Dress to Ski, be a snow bunny :

Don’t forget your goggles, snow boots, brain bucket (helmet), balaclava or your audio helmet. Bring along your fur suit, preferably white or bright colors so that you could look like an angel and attract anyone around you.


  1. Start your hunt for a soulmate from the chairlift :

Let your imaginations drive you, imagine the number of attractive men and women queuing for a ride on a chairlift. In about 5 minutes, if you are lucky, you may fish out your potential soulmate, share a chair with him / her without interference or them trying to escape. (Unless they are ready to jump off the chairlift )  P.S : Avoid riding the six-chair.

  1. Use your gender-given superpower :

If you are a guy, showing how skilful and athletic you are around the ladies can get you into a romantic conversation and probably some phone numbers. BOOM ! It’s a date. If you are a girl, use your feminine weakness on your prey. Act like a hopeless skier, ask Mr. Right for some skiing pointers – Fake an injury, he may want to carry you to his hotel room for a medical check-up.

  1. Hire a private Ski instructor :

It’s a sure way, even though you might have to spend some bucks to get it done. Just pick out a sexy and eligible instructor at the ski resort – Take your chances and play your game right.

  1. Display your skiing skills :

Don’t just sit down doing nothing, waiting for Mr/Mrs. Right to show up from no where. Get in the snow, let the snow powder splash on your face. Leave the bunny slope, do an indy grab or a pizza – Or better still, be a show off, do a Heliskiing.

  1. Party at your favorite resort :

After a hectic but fun day at the ski resort and your body aches. Don’t go to bed, take a hot bath, put on your dancing shoes and party. Who knows? You might end up lucky with a date.