Hi and welcome to Snowcomparison.

If you are reading this, it is because you clicked on our ‘contribute’ link on our website. Thank you for reaching out to connect.

We welcome any and all support and contribution for Snowcomparison, Snowcomparison Athlete and Snowcomparison Magazine.


Snowcomparison is a search engine and comparison website for ski resorts, enabling users to search over 2870+ ski resorts in 60 countries and to compare them on a like-for-like basis side-by-side. Each ski resort has their own profile page with terrain details, ski ticket pricing, trail maps and links to local hotels.

We appreciate your assistance and feedback to ensure that our ski resort information is accurate.  We try our best but sometimes lift ticket prices change and we haven’t been notified to update their details, and we sometimes make mistakes collecting and entering data– it happens.

We greatly appreciate any and all support that you would like to provide.


Snowcomparison Athlete

We have also recently launched Snowcomparison Athlete.  Our objective is to help skiers and boarders grow their ski profile, promote their home resort and favourite ski resort and support their sponsors.  In return, we will help drive traffic from Snowcomparison to their personal website, social media and also sponsors websites.

If you want to submit your profile to Snowcomparison Athlete or have any suggestions on how we can improve this website please feel free to contact us directly at

Snowcomparison Magazine

Our goal is for our magazine to eventually become a decentralised contributor created magazine where all content is provided by passionate snow enthusiasts from around the world.   We welcome contributions as articles, photos and videos.

Below is an outline of FAQ for Snowcomparison Magazine


Snowcomparison Contributor – FAQ 

How to contribute to Snowcomparison Magazine

The guidelines below are sent to all new and prospective writers, photographers, videographers, athletes, passionate skiers, boarders and adventures produce content that we would be considered for publication.

How to write the best blog
Contributors can submit a blog on a topic of snow-related activity of your choosing, but we ask and encourage all Contributors to write on subjects they have personal experience of or demonstrable expertise in.

Always ask: why would the Snowcomparison users, who are all passionate skiers, boarders, mountain adventurers and holidaymakers, want to hear about this topic from me, and why now?   It may be a review of the latest equipment that you’ve tried, or ski resort(s) that you visited, a ski experience with one of your ski-hero, interviews, profiles or just an incredible adventure that you want to share.

It can be an article, a photo-journal, video, or a combination of all.

As a Snowcomparison contributor, you can submit posts as often as you like. It could be as often as once a week (our recommended max), once a month, or once a year – whenever you feel like you have something you want to share that you believe our users would like to know about and enjoy.

Please note, as we are currently English only website all content that is contributed needs to be in English. Please also write in the first person, and be opinion-led, persuasive and geared toward snow enthusiasts.

Editorially, we use software, and humans, to correct typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors as well as may make small changes for legal issues. We will not edit your content, purpose or point. We will, with your permission, change your title for SEO or clarity reasons.

We recommend articles to be between 300-800 words. We are a small team and do not work 24/7 so it may take up to 7 days to publish your article or contact you to advise when we will publish or if we can’t.

If you already blog, post photos and videos elsewhere, you are more than welcome to cross-post with us at the same time as you publish your online or a few days later, and you can link straight back to your site at the bottom saying it first appeared there.  We will not cross-post pieces that are old or that we feel are not relevant to Snowcomparison users.  We encourage Contributors to embed photos and video within your posts but please make sure you have permission from the copyright holder and credit any images, else your post will be declined.

Some stuff we can’t and won’t publish?

We can’t publish photos, videos and music that you don’t have permission to be published or shared. This is for copyright reasons.

We retain the right not to publish any content that falls below our quality expectations or that we, in our experience, will not be an audience for.

We won’t publish any content that is sexist, racist, defamatory, rude, discriminatory or just offensive.

We love product reviews and produce experiences but not blatant product placement advertisement style writing.

As Contributors are not employees or representatives of Snowcomparison, we will ban Contributors who use the Snowcomparison name to obtain access to events, people or products.

Can I have removed content that I contributed?

We are only able to remove your contribution in extraordinary circumstances, such as where a post contains major factual errors or where there are legal issues with the post. Please be triply sure that you are happy with a post as published before you submit.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything further, please feel free to contact us directly at