POW – Point of Where | Fabio Studer

POW -Point of Where 

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Before Fabio began his competition season and got 3rd in the Freeride World Tour overall ranking, he was off for some other endeavors in Austria and in Canada, BC. A while ago, he and his friend Daniel were thinking: Wouldn’t it be cool to see different filming angles in backcountry skiing? No normal angle from far away, no Point of View, no selfie, something different. Angles that you can only film by being on skis, mainly skiing the same spot. The idea was there, and after Fabio landed on Daniel’s head in their first try in the terrain park, they knew they needed a good plan to make this work. But as well they saw that the footage was something different.

They wanted to capture unprecedented angles of backcountry skiing. Point Of Where.


About Fabio and Daniel

Fabio and Daniel know each other since about 2006. They briefly chatted at a competition and then figured they should go to New Zealand for six weeks to train and get ready for the European season. Skiing together and sharing a tiny queen size bed for six weeks meant they knew each other quite well, and they knew the others skiing inside out. This evolved over several years, skiing the backcountry together, knowing and trusting each other. Something that was critical to even think about a project like this.


Directed and produced by Fabio Studer and Daniel Schiessl

Filmed by Daniel Schiessl

Additional cinematography by Dominik Hartmann

Editing by Fabi Hyden

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