Skiporter Ski Straps gives you an extra set of hands

Skiporter Ski Straps In Hand

Skiporter ski straps are the invention of Garry Logue and his brother Mike. We live in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, and we have the good fortune of having a very wide selection of ski hills within easy driving distance of home.

What we noticed at all the ski hills was that skiers juggled their skis, poles and other accessories on their shoulders. Guess what, so did we! So seeing this awkward ballet being performed by virtually all skiers became a fixation for us to try and improve. Not only was walking awkward but it was also dangerous to ourselves from falls or loss of footing and also to car mirrors and paint.

So we started working with various components and created prototypes to try and simplify the transportation of skis (and snowboards). Some had metal pieces that we dismissed as too heavy or possible rusting. We tried Velcro but we determined that over time the adhesion properties would diminish. Finally we settled on using heavy duty but lightweight side-release clips combined with heavy gauge polypropylene webbing for ultimate long-term performance. We also made it adjustable so it can adapt to short or tall users. As a bonus it can also be used for multiple purposes like replacing skinny shoulder straps on leaf blowers or transporting outboard motors or fishing gear….so it’s a “multiporter” too!

In summary our Skiporter ski strap is lightweight, tough enough to lift over 50 kg, capable of carrying up to two sets of skis and poles or one snow board and easily rolls up to be stored in a ski jacket pocket while you’re skiing. It won’t rust, needs no maintenance and serves multiple functions. Instead of balancing your skis and poles on your shoulder they now sit on your hip, perfectly balanced and your hands are free to improve your balance and perform other functions like holding a child’s hand or carrying a glass of wine!

Also, if you use a ski bag, just keep the strap attached to your skis/poles inside your bag but leave the bag in your vehicle. Once arriving at the ski lift simply roll up your Skiporter and put it easily in your jacket pocket.

Thank you for your interest in our product; we’ve shipped them all over and have even had interest from some countries not known for skiing like Israel. If you choose to purchase one, or some, we hope you enjoy the increased simplicity and safety you’ll realize navigating slippery and uneven surfaces to reach your ski hill. Happy skiing and happy “Skiporting” from Canada’s capital.

For more information you can visit Skiporter website HERE


Skiporter Ski Straps In Hand

Skiporter Ski Straps In Hand

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