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I designed Snowcomparison so snow travellers like you and me can search and compare ski resorts around the world on a like-for-like basis quickly and with minimal hassle.


I have loved skiing since before I remember.  I was literally born into it. The son of a founding member of Thredbo Ski Patrol in Australia, I also spent years as a pro skier competing around the world and I even once co-owned a heli-ski company.


In late 2015 I found myself in Prague after chasing my girlfriend across the oceans and while there I wanted to explore the more intrepid ski resorts of Eastern and Central Europe. But one thing got in my way. I am, like so many, a mono-linguist.

Even when I was able to ask locals for ski resort recommendations I was then unable to pronounce, remember or even spell the resort name correctly. Google and Google translate were no help either and I couldn’t find the information I needed to even find the right places, let alone make an informed decision on where to go or know what it would be like when I got there.

I knew I wasn’t alone. And even the more multilingual travellers have their limits. There are ski resorts in over 60 countries that means almost 60 different languages. So I created Snowcomparison so snow enthusiasts like you and me could find somewhere new to ski in far away lands with unpronounceable names based on what we want in a ski resort.


Snowcomparison enables you to search over 2800 ski resorts in 61 countries and to do so based on your personal ski resort criteria. You can search for ski resorts based on the percentage of the mountain that has beginner, intermediate or advanced style terrain; or by their total skiable trails;  or vertical drop; or even snowmaking,  and you do this without having to spell or even know a resort’s name. Then you can view each ski resort as  stand-alone or use the comparison feature that shows your short-listed ski resorts side by side.


You can also search for ski resorts based on your accommodation budget. We partnered with The Priceline Group (owners of and so you search and book your accommodation directly though our website. We do make a commission on your hotel bookings, which is our only revenue stream, so if you researching your next trip, please also book your hotel through Snowcomparison. We chose to partner with The Priceline Group as they manage more hotels in ski resorts than any other provider, are reliable and offered the best hotel pricing.


Like my love of skiing Snowcomparison is a project of passion. You thoughts, feedback, suggestions, and any contributions along with your shares, likes, and hotel bookings are greatly welcomed.
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